Proudly family owned and operated and proudly manufacturing in South Australia. We’ve built our reputation on the quality of our product – well designed, reliable and built to high standards. A standard we achieved in Alby’s day and maintain in our state of the art Holden Hill workshop.

We know that the quality of our product is decided by the quality of our people and the quality of the materials we use. Blum, one of Australia’s most respected brands, has been a key partner of ours for over thirty years. We were one of the first Blum hardware users in the country and we’ve continued that relationship unbroken. We are one of the few cabinetmakers with our own paint shop (market leaders in this area too – our paint shop has been operating for close to thirty years). This allows us complete control over our painted products. We do as much as we can in-house, which is a significant advantage for us in the marketplace. Our design and production staff are constantly seeking new materials, new methods, new equipment and new ideas to ensure we stay a market leader, delivering quality products to a high standard, every time.