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Kitchen Range

Specialised Finishes

Our 'Tradtional Wash' finish is an incredibly popular choice. This is a kitchen designed and finished to give the traditional, provincial look of yesteryear, with fluted posts, medallions, carved corbels and mantle pieces, these kitchens really are a beautiful reminder of the past. The 'Wash' refers to the hand etching we undertake on these kitchens, where our tradesmen and apprentices apply a second colour over the door, and then proceed to rub them back by hand, giving the distressed look.

We also manufacture Kitchens with a pearlescent or metallic finish. These are generally gloss kitchens, with a special paint finish, which, in the case of a pearl finish, cause the doors to take on a shimmering appearance, while the metallic doors catch the light and sparkle.

These are both highly involved finishes, and with a number of coating processes to undertake, they require a highly skilled tradesman to deliver a level of quality which does them justice.