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Why Alby Turner

Cabinetry Supervisor

While the Design, Fit and Finish are probably the most important aspects of your Kitchen Renovation, we have found that it is just as important to insure that an experienced, steady hand is guiding the entire process - working with you to insure that everything works as it should, that all of the information that is required is provided, and that co-ordination of sub-contractors (such as plumbers/electricians) and other suppliers (such as stone masons or glaziers) takes place.

While we perform close to 500 renovations per year, we understand that, for most people, a new kitchen is a major event, which generally happens on average every 18 years - consequently, it is up to us to take care of things which the client can't, to make sure your Alby Turner & Son Kitchen is indeed, your dream kitchen. To this end, we have two full-time Site Supervisors (or Project Managers), Daryle Thomas and Steve Davies. As mentioned earlier, Daryle and Steve have been with us for over 30 years each; both of them were apprenticed by Alby, meaning they not only know the quality our reputations demands, but they were key people in building our reputation.

Once you have finalised the Kitchen Design with your Designer, Daryle or Steve will assume control - they become your first point of contact should anything require clarification or alteration. Considering they have over 60 years of experience and knowledge, you can rest easy knowing you are in very, very good hands.

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