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Why Alby Turner


When you visit our City Showroom, you may see an old Dovetailing machine that we've cleaned up and put on display. Also stored away in our Workshop are a number of interesting machines that were handbuilt by Alby a long time ago. We no longer have any use for them, which is fortunate, as they probably wouldn't be up to the job anymore.

In 2005, Alby Turner & Son were one of the first companies to make the leap to 'Nested,' technology, a new method of production which significantly improved our output, as well as quality. After this considerable investment, our existing edgebander was unable to keep up - so a new one was purchased.

As we continued to grow, and with the capabilities of the Nested machinery allowing us to bring almost all of our finishes in house, we soon had the demand for another Nesting machine. Currently, our major production cell consists of 2 Twin Bed Nesting machines, as well as a new edgebander - which has allowed us to continue to grow and almost double our output in the last 3 years; while actually increasing the quality of finish. In concert with this was the purchase of a new software manufacturing package, giving us the ability to create almost anything - as highlighted by the display in the front window of our City Showroom.

On top of this, with demand for our standard and specialised paint finishes exploding, we undertook a complete overhaul of our Paint Shop in 2006 - replacing our old, dry-filtered booths, with new, wet-wall technology, which both cut down on emissions, and allowed us to achieve an even higher level of finish - to the point where our paint finishes are considered to be some of the best 'off the gun' finishes available.

We are also well aware that our most valuable asset are the skilled, capable Tradesmen who insure that our hard-fought reputation is maintained and improved upon. Our workshop consists of approximately 22 people - 19 of who are either qualified Tradesmen, or, reflecting our belief that the industry needs to attract and retain quality people and Apprentices.

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