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Kitchen Range


Laminate, both benchtops and doors, have been a mainstay of kitchen renovations for decades. Recently, laminates have gone from a simple, cost effective finish, to a more fashionable, and, in the case of High Pressure Laminate, durable finish.

As you can see from visiting our Display Centres, standard melamines are now available in a huge range of colours and styles, and, while they are our most cost effective finish, they represent a fashionable, hard-wearing alternative.

Laminate benchtops are still widely used, and are currently in the midst of a resurgence, due to both the new range of colours, but also due to the new edge profiles and benchtop thicknesses available.

We consider ourselves a leader in a relatively new product to the market - High Gloss, High Pressure Laminate. This is a product which we have been using with great success for close to 5 years; unlike standard melamine, high pressure laminate is quite thick, and extremely hardwearing (one of our tool suppliers likens it to cutting concrete).

This product has allowed us to present our clients with a more economical alternative to Gloss Polyurethane Paint, and is arguably the most durable product we offer - no mean feat for a gloss finish.