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Completed Projects

A solid timber American Oak kitchen with laminate benchtops, this is a good example of a kitchen which combines the traditional look of timber, with a more modern Shaker door profile.  Click to view this Gallery
This kitchen was installed into a 100+ year old property - and works incredibly well to complement it. The use of an exotic Palisander Veneer (where, at the clients request, we also had the edge strip ran horizontally to match) would be the clear highlight of this kitchen - except for the competing stainless steel benchtops, natural Carrara Marble and great use of stacked slate. Every nook and cranny of this kitchen has storage built into it - to the point that upon delivery, the client rang us in disbelief as to just how many cabinets were going into the room; he estimated that it provided him with at least a third more storage space. A matching Entertainment Unit in the living room ties the two rooms together.  Click to view this Gallery
This kitchen makes use of a metallic silver paint; this is another colour which seems to defy normal fashion cycles and is constantly in demand. The use of 4 Pull-Out Pantries gives the client an abundance of storage space, while preserving the built in look along the rear wall. Contrasting well against the white benchtops, the slab ends work to define the space.  Click to view this Gallery
Another 2010 KBDI Award Winning Kitchen, this is one of the most detailed and intricate jobs we've done; our production software reported a time of over 350 hours to produce. Presented with an open room by clients with an open mind, our Designer set about putting together something that would really make people stop and look. With curved just about everything, including the crucifix display units running into other rooms, we really feel that this kitchen is a work of art.  Click to view this Gallery
Located right on the beach, this kitchen featured on the front cover of Home Beautiful a number of years ago. An architecturally designed home, it was critical that the cabinets follow the curved lines of the home, acting as both a kitchen and meals area, but also a divide between the living spaces. A flow-through window also allows the kitchen to service the outside area. Elegant and understated, this is a beautiful kitchen that is modern, yet subtle.  Click to view this Gallery
The 2010 KBDI Unique National Kitchen Project, this kitchen is an example of the growing trend of our clients to include a working outdoor Kitchen into their homes. Aluminium Framed Glass Doors are combined with stainless steel drawer hardware and composite cabinet material to insure this kitchen will withstand the elements for many Summers. The detailed splashback features colour changing LED lights to provide ambient lighting.  Click to view this Gallery
Another kitchen which follows the trend of using a 'clean' base colour, and then really dressing things up with highlight colours. This kitchen also required some clever design and production work due to the raked ceiling. The curved cabinets help the kitchen flow throughout the room, while the orange stools and kitchen-mixer serve to add a funky edge.  Click to view this Gallery
This kitchen was for a client of ours living in a beautiful home in the Adelaide Hills. After something that was classical without being too traditional, the cream tones of the satin paint Shaker Doors, coupled with the Butler Sink, custom Canopy and stainless steel appliances, achieve this nicely. With a stained Tasmanian Oak Benchtop and some clever accessorising by the client (the brick-like tiles in particular), this kitchen is both functional and beautiful. The rest of the home follows this brief - very classical, but with well-chosen highlights to add interest. The semi-freestanding vanities are also worth noting.  Click to view this Gallery
The combination of solid Tasmanian Blackwood and a dark natural granite (blue pearl in this case) is a timeless classic. The large room with plenty of natural light allows the character of the stone and the natural variations in the timber to stand out. While Solid Timber isn't quite as popular as it once was, we've recently experienced a significant increase in the demand for it - it's one of those things that just never goes out of fashion.  Click to view this Gallery
This kitchen presented a real challenge; the client requested something to make full use of the angled space, that still stood out from the crowd. Our Designer, working closely with our Production Staff, achieved this by following the lines of the raked ceiling, then adding a number of curved cabinets to break things up. The round breakfast bar protrusion took a huge amount of work, but fits the room perfectly, and the colour-changing LED lights allow the clients to change the look of their kitchen whenever the mood takes them.  Click to view this Gallery
The creative use of natural granite to serve as the island back really sets this kitchen apart. The stark tones of the cabinetry allow the veins of colour and detail running through the stone to combine with the parquetry flooring to become the key feature. The base cabinets have integrated finger pulls to provide a seamless look. A well equipped butler's kitchen is located behind the kitchen itself, allowing the clients to entertain large groups of friends. The rest of the home succeeds in combining a variety of different styles and finishes to suit the individual rooms.  Click to view this Gallery
The chocolate tones contrasting with the thick, white benchtop in the kitchen are beautifully complemented by the bar stools and use of pendant lights above. Again, a dropped ceiling serves to enclose the kitchen, while the slab ends of the island act as bookends. Extensive use of our Blum drawer system coupled with a large, offset pantry provides the client with an abundance of storage space.  Click to view this Gallery
This compact kitchen is loaded with features, and clever use of colour and materials provides a clean, cool statement. Situated near the beach, the clients wanted a kitchen that used colour well, without being overpowering - the blue was chosen to be the feature, and to mimic the ocean. The custom built stainless steel rangehood and integrated breakfast bar are another feature - while blue LED lights bring the kitchen to life.  Click to view this Gallery
This curved, contrasting kitchen is a centrepiece of the home. With metallic gloss paint, seamless acrylic benchtops and an abundance of storage space ,preparation space and cooking appliances, it's not only highly effective visually, but also very practical to work in.  Click to view this Gallery
A cool, modern kitchen broken up by the use of aluminium framed glass doors, the island pillars with the shadowline and glass island back are a key feature.  Click to view this Gallery
Featuring a metallic gloss paint and exotic timber veneer, this is as much a piece of art as it is a kitchen. Extensive use of drawers provides an abundance of storage space while the large island benchtop and integrated dumb waiter, allow the clients to comfortably entertain family and friends - on all levels of the home. As you can see, this was a full home fitout, and the bold use of colour and different surfaces (such as the tiled and stainless steel bar) makes every room worth a second look.  Click to view this Gallery
This kitchen blurs the line between being a statement in it's own right, and, with it's curves, blending and flowing into the house to look like furniture piece. The pencilled edge satin paint doors tie in nicely with the timber highlights, while the lack of handles on the overhead cabinets build on the seamless look. The curved cabinets are a popular choice of our customers, they're very involved, but they provide a real point of difference.The acrylic benchtops (fabricated by ATS) allow these curved lines to be followed.  Click to view this Gallery
A stunning example of the simple but effective black and white colour combination, this gloss polyurethane kitchen is neither ultra-modern nor traditional - but just a beautiful, contemporary kitchen. The integrated fridge and set-down cooktop help preserve the look, while the appliance shutter on the side of the angled cabinet helps keep benchtop clutter to a minimum. The introduction of the metallic aqua glass splashback brings a dash of colour and picks up the pearlescent stone within the granite.  Click to view this Gallery
This is another timeless classic planned to complement the gorgeous existing features of the home (as you can see from the archway, timber flooring and incricate cornicing). While this kitchen is full of features, the real impact is made by the contrast against the floorboard, and then the statement of the black Granite. Once again, our proud clients have complemented this kitchen perfectly with the white bar stools.  Click to view this Gallery
A full home fit out where everything was designed to complement the heritage nature of the home. The kitchen features Gloss New Antique White and a custom Alby Turner & Son canopy, with lovely traditional features such as plate racks and intricate top moulding. The Wall Unit in the adjoining room continues this theme, while the solid timber Jarrah Bar in the Games Room has hand carved timber corbells and coins.  Click to view this Gallery
The KBDI 2011 SA Medium Kitchen of the Year, this kitchen utilises the high impact combination of Black & Red, this time in a combination of Acrylic, Painted & Glass materials. The stainless steel benchtops are a real feature, and a re-emerging trend. The dropped ceiling and black surround frame this kitchen well, emphasising the twin extractor canopies.  Click to view this Gallery
This amazing kitchen displays horizontally grained veneer (an increasingly popular use of veneer) with painted white highlights and a matching shadowline. The use of thick, chunky shelves throughout the kitchen makes a statement, while the contrast between the kitchen and the white scheme of the house is a treat. This kitchen really hits the current trends - to the point it was on the cover of Kitchen & Bathrooms Quarterly recently., and another KBDI2010 Award Finalist.  Click to view this Gallery
Another finalist in the KBDI2011 Awards, this kitchen is a real show-stopper. The acrylic black doors offer one of the highest gloss levels achievable, and the custom made Red canopy contrasts against them brilliantly (and, again, the proud owners use of accessories in the form of plants improves this even further). The undermount sink and induction cooktop help maintain the sparse appearance, while the grain of the Granite provides a natural look and breaks things up. This kitchen also has black interiors and was the first in South Australia (and possibly Australia) to utilise the brand new Blum 'Intivo' Drawer system, with the feature glass inserts.  Click to view this Gallery
A gorgeous example of our specialised, hand etched and rubbed 'Traditional Wash,' finish. A finalist in the KBDI2011 Design Awards, the custom Mantle, turned posts, double thickness Granite benchtop and stainless steel appliances combine extremely well. With extensive use of Blum Drawers and a large larder unit, this kitchen has a huge amount of storage. Between the feature tile in the mantle piece, the matching Kitchen Mixer and the Roosters perched on the mantle, this kitchen has been perfectly accessorised by the proud owners.  Click to view this Gallery
A traditional kitchen finished off perfectly by the understated natural granite. Featuring fluted posts with coins and large corbells, this type of kitchen is timeless and, simply, beautiful.  Click to view this Gallery
A kitchen designed to combine practicality with maximum Wow! Factor. The conical breakfast bar was a unique solution to provide seating and impact without preventing access, the high impact colours, stainless steel highlights, boxed bulkhead and custom glass doors combine beautifully to make this kitchen a real standout.  Click to view this Gallery
A beautiful painted kitchen with two tone highlights to provide a framed look and a solid timber benchtop to bring a natural element into play, complementing the quartz benchtop.  Click to view this Gallery
A contemporary kitchen that's stylish yet subdued, featuring an exotic Veneer, Pearlescent Gloss Polyurethane and natural Granite. This kitchen was a Finalist in the KBDI2010 Awards.  Click to view this Gallery